Protecting the environment -
our contribution to the sustainable
recycling economy

We gain valuable metal components from used catalyst and other metalliferous wastes in the form of chemical compounds and intermediate products that can be used again on an industrial scale.
Natural resources are conserved on a permanently sustainable basis to the terms of the Closed Substance Cycle Management Act by means of this recovery of valuable metals for re-use in a wide range of industries. Benefit example: 100 tons of our molybdenum oxide save mining ca. 2,500 tons of ore.

Simultaneously we are making effort to develop and improve our processes in order to run an energy-conserving production and minimize all our processing costs on a continuous basis.

It is a matter of course for us to get involved as a member of the "Alliance of Environment of Sachsen-Anhalt".


The professional recycling of your waste materials
takes place on our production site in Helbra.