Aura Technologie GmbH possesses cutting-edge, highly efficient and environmentally-friendly technology for the recovery of metal components from spent catalysts or other metalliferous wastes. Our production facilities are located in Helbra in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany and have been in successful operation since 2002.
Starting in 2010 until spring 2011 a substantial enlargement and modernisation took place. A special importance was put on reducing the energy costs and waste accumulation. The savings are both based on changes of the process management and the installation of a complete new technical equipment. For example, the reduction of specific CO2-emission per ton spent catalyst adds up to more than 30%.

We are placing a remarkable recovery service to the refining and chemical industry worldwide, which brings a combination of major advantages compared with other recovery methods:

  • High flexibility in the selection and variation in the production steps required, depending on both, the quality and physical properties of the materials for processing
  • Modern production plant that is state-of-the-art in all environmental, efficiency and
    technical aspects
  • Definite traceability of recovery paths
  • Processing through to a saleable end product at the location in Helbra
  • Full compliance with the statutory requirements under European and German law (Closed Substance Cycle Management Act).

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