September 2012

AURA Technologie GmbH enters into cooperation agreement with Baufeld-Chemie GmbH

Baufeld-Chemie GmbH and Aura Technologie GmbH entered into a long-term cooperation agreement on September 1, 2012 that will intensify their already long-standing collaborative relationship.

For many years now, BAUFELD-CHEMIE has handled the waste management of numerous waste sources in the domestic and international chemical and petrochemical industries. In doing so, they have focused on the recycling of liquid substitute fuels and waste waters, the distillation of solvents, the marketing of secondary products and the sale of chemicals. In this regard, BAUFELD-CHEMIE enjoys access to an international network through the BAUFELD Group.

Because AURA Technologie operates in the same industrial environment to some extent, effective September 2012, BAUFELD-CHEMIE will assume the sales-related procurement of used industrial catalysts, and it will elevate the company's international profile. A specialized sales team is being expanded for this purpose.

AURA Technologie will enhance its core competency in processing of spent industrial catalysts and metal- containing wastes, and it will further optimize and expand existing processing methods. To do so, the cooperation partners are focusing on the development and implementation of new processes for the recovery and processing of special metals, including metals from different places of origin.

This cooperation agreement facilitates each company's expansion and establishment in the international market. By bundling their sales activities, both companies will be able to offer their customers an enhanced range of services.